Bulgari B.Zero1 Perfect Mistake Ring and earrings

“Perfect Mistake” is Bulgari this year has just released a new jewelry, the continuation of the B. Zero1 series of classic appearance, the first time rose gold, gold and platinum at the same time in the design, to create a harmonious and unique new style.

Designers with gold and platinum at both ends of the ring, the middle of the rose gold to create a ring, so that three different golden tone into one, as “accidentally with the wrong material, but still very perfect.”
The two earrings to “X” shaped as the basic shape, with a rich sense of hierarchy. The main stone is 2 sugar bread mountain cut emerald, the outer side of the “X” -type mosaic with ruby ​​outline, the gap is also dotted with bright diamonds. The “greenish” main stone is in stark contrast to the “red” stone, giving a full hue.
In addition to Bulgari’s “Tubogas” goldsmith’s craft, it does not carry out any welding, twisting the elongated gold bars into a closely spaced spiral structure that symbolizes the connection between the starting point and the finish line. This process originated in the 1940s, we in Serpenti’s strap is also often seen in this traditional production methods.
The outer layer of diamonds using Baguette-Cut, gems are also closely arranged, so that the Replica Cartier Love Bracelet whole style of work more uniform.
Ring inscription engraved originated in the ancient Roman currency, in 1977, Bulgari had in the watch series to try to “Replica Bvlgari Jewelry” words as a bezel decoration.
Inlaid small ruby ​​with “Caliber-Cut” cutting, this cutting method first appeared in the decorative arts style period, in accordance with the form of mosaic tracks for each gem independent custom cutting form, such as square, rectangular, trapezoid, etc. to ensure There is no gap between the stones, forming a seamless visual effects. Because of this cutting method of artificial production costs are high, modern jewelry works are rare.
In addition to the “Perfect Mistake” ring, Bulgari also introduced the new B.Zero1 bracelet, improved the details of the bracelet lock, so that the buckle more fit bracelet wall.
Bulgari at the Paris Antique Biennale in Paris launched the pair of emeralds earrings – “Armonia”, the designer through the precious stones inlaid geometric patterns showing a harmonious symmetry, and “Armonia” is the Italian “harmony” the meaning of,.