Customers are reporting that Herm staff are saying

Hermes Birkin bags owners complaining their are returning the Herm bags back to boutiques across the US, including the Madison Avenue store, saying they smell of skunk. The bags are being sent back to Paris as nobody knows quite how to deal with this embarrassing situation, a source told Page Six. Apparently, this is a worldwide problem, as Herm bags are distributed to boutiques in limited quantities and are often on back or special order While the problem does not affect all Herm leather products, we are told this does affect multiple bags in varying colours, ranging in designs such as the Birkin, the Kelly and the Elan clutch, which retail from $5,000 to more than $20,000, all of which had been purchased in 2013 and 2014. It is not believed the problem affects the Herm crocodile skin bags, which can sell for more than $60,000. Customers are reporting that Herm staff are saying the bags have to go back to Paris, where the bad-smelling leather panels are removed and the entire bag is rebuilt. While a New York-based Herm rep didn respond to requests for comment, the so-called stinky syndrome has become a subject of discussion on internet forums devoted to luxury goods. One Kelly bag owner posted on the handbag fan website PurseBlog: riding in the car with her for about 30 minutes, I smelled what I thought was a dead skunk. Another 30 minutes later I could still smell the dead skunk, and I thought it was odd, but never imagined it could be my bag. I keep (it) in an armoire . When I opened the cabinet door this morning, the smell hit me, and I immediately knew it was the bag. article originally appeared on The New York Post