How to identify the Chanel J12 series watch

Chanel brand has inherited the decorous, concise, elegant style, price but also because of his brand of excellence and not cheap, chanel j12 series wrist watch also become fashionable, become the pursuit of high-quality life. Chanel watch is expensive, that is how to distinguish, we all want to know.

Appearance feature discrimination
Genuine Chanel watch, glittering and translucent color; texture; quality products it is flawless, if rough workmanship defective, gloss muddy then certainly not authentic. Picture is the imitation version of the watch, we can compare with the genuine picture.
Dial feature discrimination
General Chanel watch will have Chanel, j12, or j12 below written AOTUMATIC. This is eradicate table or automatic mechanical distinction and write, the price is also different, then most of the dial will be to write a Swiss made the words. If the figure in the figure that is in the position of the 6 figure does not have the words made Swiss then to determine whether it is genuine, you can compare the picture on the Chanel official website for comparison. This will be clear at a glance.
Back feature discrimination
Chanel watch table back there will be the word Chanel Paris D.M.60192 quartz Swiss made 200m, watch different words will vary and content will be different, so you can carefully check the clearance, the meaning of the above is Chanel, the top of the volcano, standard serial number and identity card number, quartz, Swiss made. The words written on the back of the picture, a look at the copy version, the writing is not clear enough, the production of rough.

Watch shaft discrimination
Chanel watch adjustment table of the rotary table when the first down to a few, and then pull out is to adjust the date, pull out the second is to write down the time. The fake watches can be adjusted directly to the outside.
Watch bracelet ceramic identification
Ceramic bracelet directly connected to the gap is very small, very fine, so in the observation of the appearance of words is very important.